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​Semiconductors / materials

61 years old / Shin-Etsu Chemical / Director in charge of R & D and quality
Responsible for chemical and semiconductor synthesis / processing research, engineering, failure analysis, development of ultra-fine analysis methods, mass production synthesis, trial production, and quality analysis of solar cell materials. We conduct research and development of new products, and are in charge of quality control, quality assurance, and handling of defective products. We have sufficient experience and achievements in the fields of polymer compounds, single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, organic metal compounds, and LMR. At the same time, he was a lecturer in factory measurement control, quality control, and Six Sigma courses. Obtain patents for new analytical methods, evaluation methods, and manufacturing methods, attend academic conferences, and publish reports. We have a total of more than 70 patents.
56 years old / Former Sony / R & D manager
Responsible for the development and project management of low temperature polysilicon LCDs. Participated in the development and commercialization of the first generation reflective LCD. Responsible for AMOLED development and project management. We participated in the commercialization of the first generation mobile-oriented AMOLED. After that, he was transferred to Sony Mobile Display as a technical director in charge of manufacturing technology and technology development. After the merger with Ibsen, he was dispatched to Taiwan to actively utilize local engineers to establish a design center. After the business integration, he went to Taipei to serve as the president of Taiwan and was in charge of overseas sales and product development. Currently responsible for next-generation technology development and product development at the Technology Development Headquarters.
65 years old / R & D, factory management
After graduating from the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University, he joined a semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturing company and was in charge of manufacturing process technology, construction of new production lines, and increased production. In particular, as a general manager of the production line, he is working on the development of process technology, establishing mass production technology of end face, front and internal, and various film forming equipment while improving the production technology of silicon wafer. Effectively improve product quality and yield, reduce costs, improve efficiency and effectively increase the enthusiasm of field staff.
63 years old / Former Asahi Breweries / Minister of Agriculture
Production control, engineering control, quality control, cost control, 5S, safety and hygiene, preventive maintenance of equipment, ISO, HACCP, policy control, KIP control of beverage manufacturing plants. You can think and practice based on the PDCA management mode. With long-term overseas business experience (including 10 years in China, 3 years in Indonesia and 1 year in Myanmar), you can integrate into the region and solve problems with local employees. Abundant experience in project management (production increase project / automation project of Japanese beer factory, overseas draft beer production start project). Experienced in hygiene and operational management at food factories in Southeast Asia.
42 years old / former Glico / food factory manager
As a director of a food processing factory with 600 employees, he has extensive experience in factory management, budgeting, labor management, quality control, new product development, production control, etc., turning deficits into profits and maintaining profits. I have succeeded in doing so. .. I have worked as general manager of 6 processing plants and 3 offices. Manage teams in the form of project management, promote 5S, formulate hygiene management styles for food factories, etc. In addition, we have 15 years of experience in managing overseas factories.
61 years old / major food seasoning company / factory management
Enrolled in a famous food company for 11 years, engaged in the development of production technology centered on food (especially seasonings) and pharmaceuticals, developed new production technology for most products, and utilized the developed production technology for mass production Did. .. Significantly improve the profitability of the company. After that, I participated in a new technology development project for major products and completed the development work. He also participated in a factory construction project abroad and worked with locals. Over the six-year stay, we achieved annual sales of over 10 billion yen. 7 Next time, I received the president's award. He also has extensive experience in operating domestic factories.

​Food / medical


​Energy / Chemistry

45 years old / Murata Manufacturing / Design and development
Department of Industrial Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology​​ graduation. For a total of 21 years as a senior engineer at Sony and Murata Manufacturing, he was mainly involved in the research and development of new energy equipment, fuel cells, solar cells and bio-batteries, and the development and research of lithium battery materials. We have not only knowledge on safety such as research, lithium battery model development and design, but also abundant expertise and technical ability on energy equipment. Have basic English conversation skills.
36 years old / former Japanese biogas power generation / project management
Engaged in the EPC business of petrochemical plants and worked for 18 months as a project engineer and chief engineer in Singapore. Joined a foreign-affiliated solar power generation company in 2014, became the first Japanese engineer to engage in a large-scale solar power generation project in Japan, and realized the development, construction, and operation of multiple projects using the project funds. .. After that, I joined a foreign-affiliated biogas power generation company, was in charge of negotiations with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and electric power companies, and established the domestic biogas power generation market. He has a domestic MBA (Waseda University Business School) qualification. Advanced Business English level.
60 years old / Noriko Co., Ltd./Quality Director
Worked for Ricoh Co., Ltd. for 35 years. The company's main products are OA equipment such as copiers, multifunction machines, and printers. It develops overseas markets, investigates and certifies Hoizawa's safety and environmental laws, supports localized languages of products, and improves and standardizes business development procedures. .. He has strong English proficiency such as after-sales service and customer service, and basic French proficiency close to his native language level.

Apparel designer / space designer

61 years old / former Aixixi director / factory management
He has experience in product management of sportswear product planning and development, technical guidance on the manufacture of daily necessities and bedding, and quality control. He once served as general manager of ASK Private China's subsidiary for nine years, was responsible for rebuilding the company, and achieved a turnaround in just one year. After that, we continued to work on reforming and improving the production control process, improving production efficiency, building development functions, and developing human resources. At the same time, he was the general manager of a local sales company, rebuilding the company's sales network.
40 years old / former United Arrows / design director
As a design director and chief designer for a well-known Japanese brand, he was in charge of theme planning for the entire brand and continued to launch explosive designs. It has the ability to uncover market demand, clarify brand DNA, and design and plan both branded DNA products and marketed products. At the same time, he is good at on-site management and team member education, and has a wealth of experience in team management. Since 2018, he has worked with local Chinese brands to be the brand's brand director and chief designer. While improving the brand's product line, it has significantly improved the professional level and comprehensive quality of the brand's staff.
44 years old / former Abahouse / design director
Served as the chief designer of a famous Japanese brand and the design director of a sub-brand, and was in charge of theme planning and individual design for the entire brand. At the same time, he has extensive experience and deep insight into the choice of graphics and fabrics. We have a wealth of contacts and resources in the domestic and international fashion industry and upstream and downstream industries. Since 2019, he has been working with a local Chinese menswear brand as the brand's design director.

​Automobiles / Auto parts

60 years old / former JTECHTO branch / sales manager
As a corporate sales representative of a major automobile parts company, I was engaged in sales of automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers, and was in charge of multiple branches (branch managers). In collaboration with overseas sales departments, sales support to customer groups in the United States and emerging countries (China, ASEAN, India), dispatch of support staff as the head office for overseas stays, branch management of 60 to 70 people, human resources participation training Training. We have good relationships with senior managers of major customers such as listed automobile manufacturers and automobile parts companies, and we are good at establishing sales and network marketing methods as proposed in related departments inside and outside the company.
58 years old / Former Toyota Motor Group Overseas Branch / President
Active in Toyota Motor's overseas sales and business divisions. Especially in Venezuela, Brazil, Singapore and Taiwan for a total of 12 years. We also have extensive experience in product introduction and supply and demand management (production and sales management) in other Asian countries. We have succeeded in realizing the profit of increasing market share by actively implementing new car introduction, marketing promotion, price policy, etc. Extensive experience in new project management. Experience in rebuilding business entities in difficult business environments. He has experience in obtaining tax incentives through government foreign-related activities and also in the field of commercial vehicles such as industrial vehicles and industrial buses.
54 years old / major automobile manufacturer / managing director
Initially, I worked as an OEM sales representative for an automobile parts manufacturer. After that, he was stationed in North America, China, etc. and was in charge of sales consulting and global sales management. We are good at formulating and formulating global sales strategies, formulating strategic cooperation plans with partner companies, and expanding global business sales based on this. In addition, as an executive officer and general manager of the Cost Planning Department, he led the unification of global quotation standards and the establishment of a product profit and cost control system from order receipt to launch.

Electronic / electrical parts

53 years old / former Sharp / sales director
The Sales Department of Sharp Corporation has been involved in the sale of electronic products and LCD products for many years. He was the general manager of the sales department, including the sale of home appliances and industrial equipment. In addition, he has four years of experience in China and was responsible for the local corporate sales department. He has a good understanding of China's electronics and LCD product markets and has successfully cultivated most new customers. Currently, he is also the sales manager for the Asian market. Has business English and Chinese conversation skills. Have international ideas and insights.
45 years old / former JDC / purchasing department manager
We have 8 years of sales experience and more than 10 years of purchasing experience of electronic products. For a long time, we have been based in offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and elsewhere. Through abundant brand promotion, marketing, commercialization and procurement, we pursued high quality and low cost, and reduced the company's procurement cost by 25%. In addition, there are 40 sub-organizations with management experience. It has strong bargaining power and coordination power. You can build good interpersonal relationships. Chinese reaches the level of business communication.
54 years old / Former Asahi Electric / Quality Control Manager
While working for Panasonic and overseas home appliance manufacturers, he has 10 years of experience in designing electrical appliances and battery modules, about 8 years in the development of home appliances, and more than 16 years in the development of production technology. During his 30-year career, he has extensive experience in the design and development of home appliances, electronic control panels, liquid crystal panels, semiconductor substrate components, and production equipment. In addition, he has experience in quality control and department management.
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