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​For companies looking for young global high-potential human resources

Human resources with high potential and high potential are registered.

Hiring excellent foreigners as full-time employees to solve the labor shortage,

An era of becoming a force.

​​ Introducing young high-potential human resources in a wide range of fields.

<Our strength>

Japanese is a human resource based on Level 2 or Level 1. There are almost no problems with Japanese communication.



There are many students who are very serious about their work attitude and are very happy, and each company is impressed.


Service contents


We bring a global breeze to companies.


​We support students with the opportunity to make use of Japanese.

The implementation period will be a short period of a few months.

Students majoring in various fields including humanities and scienceDuring this period, we will experience Japanese companies and then support those who want to get a job in Japan.

Introduction of young global high-potential human resources

We will dispatch human resources to students who have already experienced Japanese companies through internships. It is repeated by many companies because it can be a method to promote globalization smoothly by accepting human resources from different cultures.

Please feel free to contact us first.
Sea Hawk
International Co., Ltd
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