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​Those who wish to find employment as young global high-potential human resources

Opening up the future with employment support and internships in Japan

Utilizing the Japanese I learned, as a short-term internship at a Japanese company during the summer and winter vacationsThis is your chance to work for a Japanese company.

After graduating from university, we also provide employment support in Japan.

Service contents


We bring a global breeze to companies.


​We support students with the opportunity to make use of Japanese.

The implementation period will be a short period of a few months.

Students majoring in various fields including humanities and scienceDuring this period, we will experience Japanese companies and then support those who want to get a job in Japan.

Introduction of young global high-potential human resources

We will dispatch human resources to students who have already experienced Japanese companies through internships. It is repeated by many companies because it can be a method to promote globalization smoothly by accepting human resources from different cultures.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Sea Hawk
International Co., Ltd
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