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​For those who are looking for a new job

Seize the opportunity to work for an overseas company.

It is intended for people of all nationalities who want to play an active role globally across national borders.

We will introduce human resources to companies seeking human resources who need the knowledge of professionals in each field.


Why we are chosen

Make your life after retirement more lively.

We provide an environment where people in their 60s and 70s who are worried about how to live after retirement can open up a new life.

Overseas companies are looking for talented people with careers in order to develop the company more quickly. Utilizing the technology and knowledge cultivated up to now overseas will lead to contributing to the world.

Through this service, many people cross countries, and the fact that they are spending their lives more lively by playing an active part overseas makes us Sea.  This is also the reason why you can choose Hawk International.

Referral company


Service procedure

We will challenge the matching of human resources with detailed analysis and careful support so that you can feel a certain response.

Analysis of human resources demand based on the strategic development of the company
Accurate matching by matching experts
Video interview
Employment system negotiations
Recruitment decision
After-sales follow-up

Employment example


Semiconductor / Chinese companies

Former technology director of Japan's leading global semiconductor raw material company. Currently, he is a research and development member of a benchmark company in the semiconductor silicon wafer raw material industry in China.

Materials / Chinese companies

Former manager of Oji Paper Factory, a former major Japanese paper manufacturer. Currently, I am a technical consultant for a leading paper manufacturing group in China.

Electrical components / Chinese companies

Former CTO of development of a leading conductive material company in Japan. Currently, I am a research and development consultant for a high-grade conductive material benchmark company in China.

Please feel free to contact us first.
Sea Hawk
International Co., Ltd
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