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Companies looking for professional talent

Professional human resources trained by major companies are registered.

At Sea Hawk International, which is trusted by experts in each field

Semiconductors / Materials / Food / Medical / Apparel Designers / Space Designers / Automobiles / Auto Parts / Electronic / Electrical Parts

It is registered by professionals in a wide range of fields.

There is no hiring process that you have to deal with in order for corporate customers to hire the best people. Contact us now and get the ideal talent.

Glass Buildings

Why we are chosen

 Solve corporate problems and realize accurate services.
 We are looking for long-term and accurate matching, and we are focusing on pursuing high-end ingenuity.
There is no termination of the contract due to Toroko Matching so far.

Service procedure

We will challenge the matching of human resources with detailed analysis and careful support so that you can feel a certain response.

Analysis of human resources demand based on the strategic development of the company
Accurate matching by matching experts
Video interview
Employment system negotiations
Recruitment decision
After-sales follow-up

Service introduction company

We have companies in a wide range of industries utilize the service.


Introduction example


Semiconductor / Chinese companies

Former technology director of Japan's leading global semiconductor raw material company. Currently, he is a research and development member of a benchmark company in the semiconductor silicon wafer raw material industry in China.

Materials / Chinese companies

Former manager of Oji Paper Factory, a former major Japanese paper manufacturer. Currently, I am a technical consultant for a leading paper manufacturing group in China.

Electrical components / Chinese companies

Former CTO of development of a leading conductive material company in Japan. Currently, I am a research and development consultant for a high-grade conductive material benchmark company in China.

Please feel free to contact us first.
Sea Hawk
International Co., Ltd
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