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​Services for companies

We fully support the issues of trading companies centered on human resources.


Professional staffing business

Professional human resources introduction services in each field provide high-end human resources introduction and human resources centered on human resources such as introduction / dispatch, corporate management, quality management of abundant research and development / production processes, in order to solve the needs of high-end human resources of companies. A service that provides a central management layer.


Introduction of young global high-potential human resources

The next move after the serious labor shortage, hiring foreigners is becoming more familiar. Now is the time to hire excellent foreigners as full-time employees and make them more competitive. Chinese university students offer short-term internships at Japanese companies during the summer and winter vacations, and provide employment support to Japan after graduating from Chinese university.


"In addition to the knowledge gained from books, people must travel around the world on their own feet, broaden their horizons, and broaden their perspectives." In order to obtain the latest information on international affairs as the times change more and more drastically, you can actually see and touch the information locally, experience and feel the raw information yourself, get hints and move on to the next business. Activities to utilize are indispensable.

We plan and manage original inspection tours for business owners.

Planning and management of domestic and overseas inspection tours


Corporate matching service

We provide support from providing information to selecting partners who can realize long-term business relationships, as a bridge between Japan, China and South Korea, according to various needs such as human resources, products, equipment, and partner search.


Multilingual translation / interpretation business

We provide low-cost, fast, and accurate translation services by utilizing local human resources in China and South Korea.

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